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Multimedia creative services including websites, design and audio in Suffolk

U2R Design was founded over 20 years ago offering design services primarily to the entertainment industry whether it be pubs, clubs or events promoters. Today, U2R Design services a broad range customers from yacht marina operators to clubs, organisations, artists, musicians, entertainers, engineering companies, restaurants, holiday cottage operators, care homes and even an internet radio station!

Communication of marketing messages has changed dramatically since then with business needing to become ever more creative in order to capture and maintain potential customers interest. Where as physical printing has become less relevant, web media has become the primary marketing tool however creative design remains essential.

One thing is for sure, we still need websites to point our customers towards and we still need graphically appealing banners or web flyers to draw attention. This is what we are here for !


Social networks have provide huge opportunities for promoting your business or cause and over the last decade. It goes without saying that you need to generate engagement through such networks however, there is a major caveat. In recent years, social networks have gone to great lengths to monetise their platforms by substantially restricting your reach unless you are prepared to ‘boost’ your content financially. If not carefully managed, you could be throwing your money into a bottomless pit !

This is where websites gain significant relevance. You are in control.

It is fair to say that gaining high search engine rankings organically is a labour of love however if you consider a website to be a brochure to instil confidence in your service or product or explain what you do in greater depth, then you’re well on your way to gaining a valuable asset to your business.

A website demonstrates that you care about your business and customers and gives you a unique opportunity to control how you are perceived.

We develop the vast majority of our websites on the open source WordPress platform.

  • Over half the worlds CMS websites are built on WordPress.
  • Almost any additional functionality you could wish for is available through either free or premium plug-ins.
  • Change the theme or appearance of your website without having to replace all your content. You’ll never need a ‘new’ website again.
  • Anyone could edit or create content for your website.
  • User management allows you to delegate web updates
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Posters, flyers and social media promos

The heart of what we do is graphic design. The portfolio below is an archive of some of our entertainment focussed design over the last two decades.

Styles are of course continually evolving and you can be assured you’ll have access to both classic and cutting-edge design to suit your taste, market or preference.

Please note that some gallery items are modified from resources provided by promoters and may also incorporate imagery provided by agents or clubs.


Here is a selection of archive brochure artwork undertaken over the years

Print Advertising

Here is a selection of archive magazine and newspaper advertising artwork undertaken over the years

Logo Design

Here is a selection of archive logo designs undertaken over the years